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Hi, I'm Marianne, Founder of M Mentis & Co.

I like to call myself a Classic Marketer. I am an ex-corporate Marketer and have over 25 years of experience working with some awesome companies, both nationally and internationally across all facets of marketing; from brand management, strategy & business development, product & website launches, copywriting, public relations, and good old fashioned face to face sales.

Now, I offer a combination of these "classic marketing" functions; I help small to mid-sized organisations grow their market, broaden their customer base and realise their sales potential so they're recognised as the "go-to" in their industry.

Growth, Strategy, Customer Relations, Negotiation, Communication, Sales. It's what I love to do. It's my genius zone!

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I asked my clients to explain my value in 10 or less words...

Sales & Development
"You are my outsourced marketing & bus development arm."

"You build relationships with my clients."
"You close my deals so that I can get back to what I love doing the most."
Customer re-engagement
"You take the initiative to re-engage with my customers and it works."
Business Development
"You get sh%t done!"
"You manage my incoming leads, follow up, negotiate and close the deal and GET IT DONE!!."


Growth, Strategy, Customer Relationships, Negotiation, Communication, Sales.

Step 1

Understand your market, pain points & sales goals.

Step 2

Develop the right strategy. Create the plan.

Step 3

       Execute. Review.                Measure.               

Step 4

Close sales. Reach sales targets.

I'll Meet You There.

Establishing a business is not for the faint hearted.

After getting through the initial chaos of setting up your company, it's time to take the next step. And that is often the really difficult bit...

Needing to develop a realistic and commercial "big picture" strategy to clearly accomplish goals, grow your customer base to achieve sales targets?

That's precisely what I do...

We all bring different strengths to the the table...

M Mentis and Co brings cross-industry marketing and sales experience, savvy, commercial, objective thinking, coupled with highly specialised sales skills, trust, efficiency and good old fashioned humour.

Focus on your strengths; M Mentis and Co will focus on strategy, implementing your marketing and business plans and closing sales. 


Marianne has provided business development, marketing and social media support to our newest Bitton gourmet Bistro in Rose Bay, launched in 2020. Marianne has been an integral part of the launch within the Rose Bay community and the Plumer Road Shopping Village where she provides support to all the retailers. She is personable, easy-going, always up-beat and enthusiastic with terrific ideas that she implements seamlessly and efficiently. Working closely with Marianne it is evident she genuinely cares for each of the clients she works with. It's terrific to have such a dedicated resource at our fingertips.

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