Never Waste A Crisis. Permission to throw out "the plan"

By Marianne Mentis | Blog | 27 Apr 2020 |

Never waste a crisis. Permission to "throw out the plan".

COVID-19 has had a never-before-seen level of impact on our lives.

This pandemic is, literally, reshaping the world as we know it.

For small and mid-sized Australian business owners, the global events initiated in mid-Feb 2020 have had a huge impact. Not only have our personal lives changed overnight, but professionally, the year’s worth of carefully laid plans around product launches, brand strategy, and partnerships were completely turned upside down seemingly overnight.

For many organisations, out went the entire year’s digital marketing and social media campaigns, new product launches, content calendar. 

You now have permission to throw out “the plan”.

To replace it is an even deeper obsession with customers and pinpointing exactly what they need to adapt and survive this pandemic.

Being able to shift gears is critical. For some to continue breathing and to keep their heads above water; for others to handle the unprecedented increase in customer demands.

There’s no recipe or guide book for this situation. Delete. Start again.

Staying focused on your customers is the key to success in times of uncertainty.

This is the optimal time to engage with your community in a way that isn’t strictly focused on selling products. People are at home, relying on screens for work, connection, distraction, and more willing than ever to share their thoughts.

The public is now actively seeking interactive digital content. Instagram Live workouts, how-to-tutorials, tips, and funny content simply meant to make them smile. A talking and connection point with friends and family. A deviation from COVID-19 obsessed news and all the conspiracy theories.

Make a conscious business decision to focus on building relationships rather than growing sales. This is the time to move toward virtual partnerships and campaigns with other brands. 

Partnering with other like-minded companies is a great way to provide a benefit to existing customers while also tapping into new audiences.

Our world has changed. The faster organizations can adapt to these changes, the better you will be able to serve your customers.

And, never underestimate the impact of kindness and giving back in small ways. Take extra time to speak to your loyal customers personally. Thank them for their support. Tell them how appreciated. Wish them well in these tumultuous times. Be a listening ear. Show your gratitude. Everyone could use a little extra love right now.

COVID-19 marched into our office spaces and conference rooms and completely erased the whiteboard.

It’s a new world on the other side of this. Those who adapt will find their way.

You will, I know.

Marianne Mentis is the Founder of M Mentis and Co. Marianne manages incoming leads, marketing functions and the sales process for small to mid sized businesses ranging from traditional and online retailers, technological start-ups, educational providers through to vertical gardens. Adapting to the new world we are now in has been challenging, yet incredibly exciting for the team at M Mentis and Co. If you would like to discuss outsourcing your business development or sales function please connect with Marianne. Contact Marianne Mentis on +61 414 376 282 or email contact@mentisandco.com.au


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