Transforming with the art of storytelling

By Marianne Mentis | Blog | 10 Aug 2020 |


Storytelling has been our method of teaching, persuading, and communicating since man’s earliest days. Our brains are hardwired to respond to storytelling, an ageless technique tied to connection, information retention, and social loyalty.

Modern storytelling takes many forms, from peer to peer, influencer to listener, and leader to tribe. As brands transform storytelling, both through the medium of new technologies and the message we experience, we find new ways to connect, persuade, and drive human emotion.

Some of us are visual learners. We scroll through nearly 300 feet of content—the size of a football pitch just to learn what our communities are up to each day!! We absorb visual storytelling, stopping our thumbs and widening our eyes at anything that piques our interest—from something that makes us smile, turns our heads, or instigates our fear of missing out.

Others learn by listening to voices intently, highly focused on absorbing information.

Binge-watching. Binge-listening. Some of us are tactile, needing to touch and interact to truly absorb an experience. Others need to be fully immersed in sights, sounds, and even smells of an experience to fully absorb the message.

To continue to stay on top and memorable, as brands we need to relentlessly pursue ways to ensure our message is credible, authentic, passionate, incites emotion and, is absorbed. It’s delivering experiences that drives emotion.

So, what makes good storytelling?

The story must start with a purpose, a brand perspective. Our audience is pleading “Entertain and teach to me. Tell me something they do not already know.

It needs to know about me. How I will react. Will I cry? Laugh? Roll my eyes and move on?

Does my heart rate increase? Does an experience make me feel differently when I leave? It needs to excite me! To stimulate me wherever it finds me.

Stories need to be delivered directly to me via technology that makes sense, in the format that best conveys the tale.

“ Most of us think of ourselves as thinking creatures that feel, but we are actually feeling creatures that think “Jill Taylor, neuroanatomist, ‘Design Feeling.’

Some of the identifiable trends in this space comprise

  • Multisensory Storytelling; brand stories that consider all the senses and lean heavily into human intuition.
  • The power of social conscience: brand stories that push the fight for equality: those that tell personalised stories and create experiences that do actual good for the world
  • Inclusionary: everybody needs to be in; stories need to be diverse.
  • Truthfulness: The global trust crisis has spurred an outcry for the truth from governments, media, and brands. This is core for your brand to create long-lasting relationships with your consumers.
  • Experience wins: focus on creating immersive, interactive, and ambient stories—truly world-building for audiences to experience connectivity with brands or ideas in new ways

Need help on transforming with the art of story-telling & figuring out how to do this for your brand?

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